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Friday, February 29, 2008

Expressing an opinion

I never know what to think when opinion poll surveys are published. Most of the time I try not to take any notice, after all they are just a snapshot of opinion and quickly become obsolete, if they were ever relevant in the first place.

In many instances they are open to question because of the size of the sample or the method used to collect them. Nevertheless, I cannot help but be intrigued by the details of the poll published on the front page of the Western Mail this morning.

They tell us that more than six in 10 people in Wales do not know the country is run by a Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition. Around 26% of those asked believe Labour is in power on its own, with 10% thinking the party is in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. A further 8% think Plaid Cymru is governing on its own, while 3% believe the Liberal Democrats are running Wales, with 2% thinking other parties are in charge. A further 13% said they did not know who was in power.

In many ways these figures are no great shock. After all large parts of Wales do not get Welsh media at all, whilst general interest in politics and respect for politicians is at an all-time low. In this context it is very surprising indeed that there should have been a small increase to 49% of those questioned who think that the Assembly should have the same powers as the Scottish Parliament.

The referendum, if it ever comes, will be a real challenge.
For some reason I find it very depressing that so many people do not know who runs Wales. Probably an arguement for a more "federalised" British media.
Look! All the pollsters had to do was ask the right question. Who runs Wales?
(1) Idiots run Wales
(2) People who call themselves professional politicians run Wales.

I’m sure you would then get close to 100% correct answer, idiots run Wales.
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