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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Campaigning in Gwynedd

Martin Eaglestone draws our attention to the new unofficial Plaid Cymru web site, also known as Cangen Bontnewydd. If this passage is anything to go by then battle lines are being well and truely drawn up in Gwynedd:

This campaign will be a tough one. One of the reasons is the creation of Llais y Bobl, but even though they are taking pride in the threat they are posing to the one party able to build an independent Wales, a much bigger threat is that Plaid Cymru have run Gwynedd for quite a few years – and it is unavoidable that we must work harder for votes each time. People must remember that Llais y Bobl are experts in nothing, with no ideas beyond a bizzare and confused statements on a single issue, who lack much experience beyond proving their inability to make consistent decisions.

How the voters will react to such arguments have to be seen.
Shouldn't you be thinking about what the voters of Bridgend, Swansea and Cardiff are thinking? How mant candidates will the Lib Dems be fielding in Gwynedd anyway?
It's Ok I can multi-task. I have no idea how many Welsh Lib Dems will be standing in Gwynedd.
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