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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blogging AMs

As Glyn Davies points out, the Standards' Committee guidance to Assembly Members on the use of blogs has now been published. Reading through the note it was difficult not to feel that they were protesting just a little bit too much.

In the second paragraph they assert: 'From the outset, we would like to stress that we do not intend to suggest that the use of Blogs by Members be prohibited in any way.' Just four paragraphs later they tell us again: 'Members should not be discouraged from using Blogs – this note is simply trying to make members aware of the potential hazards of using the sites inappropriately.'

All-in-all one could not help but get the impression that what they are really saying is that: 'We don't like blogs and we dislike bloggers even more, however we cannot do anything to stop you. If you must persist with this odious activity then watch out, because we are going to get you.'

So much for openness, transparency and the use of new technology.

Note for the Standards Committee: You should be aware that this entry contains a small measure of irony, and is largely written tongue-in-cheek. I am sure that you will understand.
Some Assembly Members have mis-used Blogs and consequently de-valued the process of blogging. That's our opinion and it is widely held.

A gross example of the mis-use of blogs is the case of the Natwatch website. It was a cheap stunt by a current Labour Assembly Minister.

Natwatch was published by the Welsh Labour Party, and used to attack Plaid Cymru. Of course, they've dropped that website, albeit one suspects temporarily, whilst both parties are sharing a Bed in Cardiff Bay...
Don't fret, Peter - even if they shut you down, there are a feraeless few who will keep plugging away! Miss Wagstaff's latest is fairly hot stuff...

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