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Saturday, February 02, 2008

A bid for power

This morning's Guardian devotes its front page to making our blood run cold with the revelation that Tony Blair doesn't just want to become European President but actually wants some real power to go with it:

Tony Blair has been holding discussions with some of his oldest allies on how he could mount a campaign later this year to become full-time president of the EU council, the prestigious new job characterised as "president of Europe". Blair, currently the Middle East envoy for the US, Russia, EU and the UN, has told friends he has made no final decision, but is increasingly willing to put himself forward for the job if it comes with real powers to intervene in defence and trade affairs.

The idea that this unelected post should have such powers would be anathema to most ordinary people. That the first person to hold such a post might be Tony Blair could well start a popular revolt, with the Prime Minister himself leading the storming of the barricades.
The Commission already has real powers to intervene in trade as well as over external relations and humanitarian aid and a host of other areas?

Do you object to the current unelected incumbent?
Yes, but the implication is that Blair wants to add to those powers, which is not appropriate in my view for an unelected post. I do not object to the current incumbent but I do object to the fact that he is not elected by means of a popular vote.
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