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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Telephone blues

This morning's Western Mail is quite right to highlight the shocking mobile phone coverage we get around Wales. It is only to be hoped that the mobile phone companies will now do something about it.

However, this will involve the erection of a significant number of new mobile phone masts, an act which in itself will involve some controversy. This could be interesting. On which side of the fence will the Western Mail sit when things start to heat up?
I only get vodafone reception upstairs in my home in Manselton. I also don't get any reception whatsoever at the DVLA, where I work.

I thought it was my phone but when I went into the shop to discuss it I was told it was just their coverage. Brilliant. The coverage map on the Vodafone website shows all of Swansea as strong and I'm now tied into a contract until August.

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