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Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Affairs

Fair play, the Tories have found a solution to student debt. Just one problem, it is only available to a small number of people and the loophole has just be closed off.
“Build a bonfire, build a bonfire Put the politicians on the top. Put the staffers in the middle And burn (metaphorically speaking) the blooming lot.”
I know it's common practice, including among AM's, but I have real misgivings about the employment of family members. It's particularly dodgy when it's the employment of a spouse - isn't that really just a convenient way to supplement the household income?
If Hain was forced to resign over his donations scandal (and in part as a result of the way the Tories hounded him) then surely Cameron should expect the resignation of this MP who has blatantly channelled public funds to pay for his son’s degree!
Hain resigned his Cabinet post, not his seat. Please feel free to correct me, but I think Derek Conway has just his seat. Given that Conway has only to sit out 10 days and repay thirteen thousand pounds as punishment - there is probably "fat chance" of Conway resigning his seat. The punishment was quite light, perhaps because there are quite a few MPs (and maybe AMs) who employ relatives. I think this is an unacceptable practice and so would be better to outlaw such cozy practices altogether. It is public money after all.
The guy should leave Parliament now. Roger Gale should shut up - he called Conway 'an honourable man'.

There's a problem with next to no scrutiny when it comes to public funds. I have direct experience of misuse of public funds, with nothing coming of an investigation - no doubt because people were considered 'honourable'.

Peter seems remarkably honest, for politicians. Public choice theory suggests he might be a rarity...
It's a bit much for Tory MPs to complaing about a "witch-hunt". They obviously do not realise how much the ordinary citizen resents it when MPs misuse their privileges. This is true of MPs of any party.

The police are soon to be involved, thanks to LibDem Duncan Borrowman.
Sorry - typo fixed:

What are the betting odds that MPs will start employing each others relatives – to get around the difficulty of direct “financial conflicts”?
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