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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A consummate professional

Listening to Mr. Hain's campaign chair speaking from New Hampshire where he is working for Hillary Clinton on Radio Wales this morning, got me thinking. Who in fact is Steve Morgan?

Well according to this website he is Morgan Allen Moore’s Chairman and Director of Public Affairs. Apparently, he has a strong background in marketing and public relations. We are told that he has been responsible for grassroots campaigns that have changed legislation in the UK and European Union.

The piece goes on to explain that Mr. Morgan has had 20 years experience working in and around Westminster and has strong links to New Labour:

He is a regular contributor to both the BBC and the Independent Media Networks on domestic and political issues. As well as working in the UK, Western Europe and the USA he has taught marketing techniques in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Slovakia and Romania.

It is certainly the case that everytime there are elections in America, Radio Wales gets on the phone to Mr. Morgan for his views. His biography reports that in 2000 he was the International Media Co-ordinator for Vice President Al Gore's Presidential Campaign and played a similar role for Senator John Kerry's bid for the US Presidency.

We know too, that he also ran Peter Hain's campaign for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party. An impressive résumé, but which winning election campaigns has he worked on?
Clearly this Steve Morgan, or whoever he is, should be on Lembit Opik's team. Do I hear a second from Glyn Davies?
An impressive résumé, but which winning election campaigns has he worked on?

I dunno - which winning campaigns have you worked on (compared to losing ones, that is)?
Well let me see. I have personally been elected six times to Swansea Council including, in 2004, a campaign that wrested control of the Council from Labour. I have also been elected three times as an AM. I have run other successful election campaigns and helped in successful by-elections at both a local and Parliamentary level.
An interesting, if somewhat selective, answer.

Six elections to the Cwmbwrla ward is of course a notable achievement.

You, of course, have not been elected as an AM three times. Your party has accrued enough votes to be represented, and they in turn have chosen you to be their representative. The electors, however, have not voted for Peter Black to be their AM (in fact on the two occasions you did stand as a candidate you were not successful).

And for completeness I'm sure you will want to mention the numerous unsuccessful campaigns in which you have helped (Swansea Easy by election, Ogmore by election, Ceredigion by election, Blaenau Gwent by election, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2005 General Elections, 1994, 1999, 2004 European elections etc).
You only asked about the winning elections and at least I have some! I would disagree with you on the list elections even though I am no great fan of that method of election.
Steve Morgan has a track record of never been defeated when he has stood for public office. He has successfully been elected to Maesteg Community Council and Greenwich Borough Council. The man is a political genius who has made millions out of politics on both sides of the Atlantic in the past 20years.
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