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Monday, January 14, 2008


Over at BBC Wales, Betsan Powys reveals that today's second meeting of the Establishing Committee of the All-Wales Convention in Cardiff could get interesting.

She tells us that the rumour doing the rounds is that Labour and Plaid Cymru members of the committee have come to radically different conclusions about their remit:

Labour members, I'm told, view the Convention as a neutral body. It may be aimed at paving the way for a 'yes' vote but it's essentially an evidence gathering body, not a campaigning one. Plaid on the other hand see its role as making the case for more powers, a campaigning body to build consensus, not just measure it.

Labour seem to want a smaller Convention, run by an executive. Plaid a more ambitious body, a 'rolling Convention' where the establishing committee would lead the work of a large number of smaller groups right across Wales.

This is hardly going to presage the unravelling of the One Wales' Government but it is certainly a significant test.
You make it sound like they need to set up a Convention in order to work out what they want from the AWC.

Perhaps the Welsh Conservatives and Welsh Liberal Democrats could help them out with this.
I think the Welsh Lib Dems and the Welsh Tories have as much in common on this issue as Labour and Plaid.
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