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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big Brother

Those who might still think that a National identity database is a good idea, despite the Government's inability to keep secure the data it already holds, may be given cause to think again by this article.

The Times reports that the FBI is enlisting British law enforcement agencies to set up an international database containing the biometric details of thousands of people. The paper says that the programme, known as Server in the Sky, could result in an unprecedented transatlantic exchange of personal information. Biometric measurements, irises or palm prints as well as fingerprints could be exchanged.

It is one thing having such information on a UK database but to then make it available internationally could pose a number of substantial dangers to individual privacy and safety, not least when the data being held is inaccurate. Let us hope that the Government do not respond to requests for information by posting an unencrypted data disc to the FBI.
Maybe a better title for this article would be 'Oh Brother!'?

That said, the Orwellian reference is certainly valid.

Our inept government certainly worries the life out of me where privacy is concerned, both in terms of their handling of data and also in the amount they record.

With criminals now about to be fitted with tracking chips how long will it be before we suffer the same fate, for our 'security'?
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