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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Plaid u-turn

Plaid Cymru abandoned yet another of their policies yesterday as they continued their love-in with New Labour. They have previously reversed their position on a local income tax and fair voting for local government.

Yesterday Plaid voted against a motion which called on the UK Government to drop plans for compulsory ID cards. They also helped to vote down a motion that noted the incompetence of the UK Government in ensuring the security of individuals’ personal data.

Although I accept that being in a coalition government can limit the room for manoeurve for a political party, I had not realised that the One Wales agreement stretched to encompass Westminster matters. Do the three Plaid Cymru MPs know that they are supposed to toe the UK Labour Government line on such matters.

The votes took place on a Welsh Liberal Democrat motion that called on the Welsh Government not to allow ID cards to be used as a requirement for access to public services in Wales which are within the remit of the Assembly. That motion was passed with unanimous support. My speech on the issue is here.


They must be getting dizzy by now, turning around so often.
I voted for Plaid in May partly on their insistence in campaign literature that they wouldn't prop up a Labour assembly.

Oh well, I've learned my lesson.
They are taking the attitude that (a) they have enough on their plate in terms of turbulence in relations with Whitehall and find it tactically inexpedient to add to that list, and (b) that the governing parties with their impregnable majority are returning to the precedent of routinely voting down all motions proposed by opposition parties as a principle.
come on peter. We supported your motion and spoke vehemently against ID Cards. This is your attempt at spinning again...unsuccessfully!
Yes, I said you supported our motion however you voted in favour of ID cards by rejecting the Tory amendments. No spinning necessary, the facts speak for themselves.
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