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Saturday, December 08, 2007


I have just been catching up with this week's Waterfront programme on ITV Wales. I was intriqued by two items.

Firstly, there was David Cameron, who was quite emphatic that Tory policy is made by the Shadow Cabinet and him. What do they hold conferences for then? The Tory leader also put some clear blue water between himself and the Conservative Assembly Group by opposing the devolution of further primary law-making powers to Wales.

Secondly, there was a discussion about the respective expenditure of Labour and Plaid Cymru during the Assembly elections. We were solemnly informed that both parties had exceeded £250,000 by spending huge sums on precisely the sort of things that voters say they do not like, leaflets and phone canvassing. Well, how do these journalists expect us to get our message across in a cost effective way then?

Voters may find being contacted by politicians in this way a nuisance but they also complain when we don't do it. Journalists should leave the campaigning to us and we will let them get on with producing their TV programmes.
It is true that politicos seem not to be able to win. I've lost count of the times I've been told on the doorstep 'I can't be bothered' and then been told elsewhere, 'oh I'd have voted for you but no-one bothered to come round'.

Perhaps Watefront should make amends by looking at eople who give up their free time to do political things - after all, the politically active are a very tiny minority in the UK and if we all gave up, I don't think really the country would be the better for it.
For I moment I thought this post was going to be about the Marina...

When I lived in Brynmill during the elections last May the sheer amount of leaflets that I received from all parties was astonishing, often exceeding 6 of the same leaflet!

Considering how the various parties stand on climate change surely some thought should have be given to all that wasted and often-glossy paper.

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Sometimes a large amount of leaflets are the only way to get people's attention. As with most marketing messages you need to repeat them over and over until people get sick of them before you can be confident that you have started to get through. We try to use paper from sustainable sources for our leaflets and encourage people to recycle them but there really is no better way of getting the message across.
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