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Monday, December 31, 2007

Visitor statistics

Iain Dale makes the claim on his blog that he received 404,000 unique visitors in 2007. There is much discussion on his post about how accurate such figures can be given the problems of tracking IP addresses, but still it is pretty impressive.

I only have a basic extreme tracking analysis, which is open to public view nevertheless. According to that site I had 106,629 unique visitors in 2007. The majority of these people will have visited the site many times and will have been multiple-counted but what the heck, at least somebody is reading these postings.

Happy New Year.
Of course we read them Peter, and anyway your front page provides a handy link to everyone else's blog.

Have a very happy 2008.

For clarity, there is a distinction between "unique visitors" which count two if the same ip address visits once on two different days, and "absolutely unique visitors", which is a Google Analytics figure that counts each visiting ip address only once within the selected time-span.

I think you need to be comparing with Iain's 2,582,000 unique visitors figure not the 404,000 (which really is Absolutely Unique IPs - subject to any distortions from robots etc if they are not filtered out).

The crumb of comfort (if you really care about the comparison - which most of us probably don't particularly while still finding it interesting) is that Extreme Tracker professional probably reports a higher proportion of visitors than the free service.

If you haven't seen it, Iain's update to the post is interesting.

More information on the Google Analytics Blog here:


Matt W
See also Guido Fawkes' continuing claims to out-score Iain Dale.
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