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Friday, December 14, 2007

A sense of Britishness

Gordon Brown's assertion that he will press ahead with his proposed Bill of Rights without agreeing it with the devolved administrations first is meaningless bravado. It was a piece of political theatre staged for jittery Labour Party members and the English press.

I say that not because I believe that the Prime Minister is being insincere but because it is the case that any piece of new legislation must go through a period of consultation before it is published in its final form. That consultation will include the devolved administrations, who will be asked their views and in particular whether any of the provisions in the proposed bill impacts on their existing powers and the services they fund.

Mr. Brown would be unwise to change that methodology just to make a political point and I do not believe that he will do so.
We already have a Bill of Rights. There are no rights that we need that are not already guaranteed by Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights. All that is required is that the British establishment respects our constitution instead of denying us our constitutional rights. If the existing Bill of Rights is constantly abused then why would it be any different with a new version?
The Magna Carta and bill of rights are not British; they're ENGLISH!

Anyway, why is El Gordo Brown, the great dictator, making up rubbish about so-called british crap when we all know he signed the scottish claim of right? That document said that the scottish people's wishes were paramount!
Oh I see, he's talking shite about britishness to try and stop the English nation from having self determination. The self determination that HE DIDNT mind giving to scotland, wales and n ireland! Too late Brown you bottle job you cant head us off at the pass. We went through the pass years ago.
Did anyone actually expect the Brown Government, or dictatorship if you prefer, to be so wholly incompetent, short-sighted or out of touch?

Perhaps it's just rose-tinted glasses but Brown makes Blair look like a 'pretty straight sort of guy'

A Swansea Blog
What you are saying is that Welsh Westminster MP's will be helping to create a british constitution but the Welsh assembly need not implement it?. This leaves the English to have a constitution imposed yet again.
Sorry I am not saying any such thing.
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