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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Plain English

From the Observer:

Tony Palmer, who has won more than 40 awards including Baftas, Emmys and, uniquely, the Prix Italia twice, criticised the director-general after the BBC turned down a documentary of his. The film, about English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, has been produced by Five instead.

Palmer said he received an extraordinary rejection letter from a BBC commissioning editor explaining that, 'having looked at our own activity via the lens of find, play & share', it had been decided the film did not fit with 'the new vision for [BBC] Vision'.

Bizarrely, Palmer said, the letter concluded: 'But good luck with the project, and do let me know if Mr. V. Williams has an important premiere in the future as this findability might allow us to reconsider.' Vaughan Williams died in 1958.

Give those people a plain English award.
Good grief! Do they just fetch these people in off the streets? We pay nearly two hundred pounds a year for the likes of this ignoramus.

The Palmer film has received a review which just stopped short of being ecstatic in "The Gramophone", by the way.

- Frank Little
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