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Monday, December 10, 2007

No vote campaign gets underway?

Today's Western Mail asks whether a embryonic 'No' vote campaign is being put together by Labour activists in their valley strongholds in preparation for the anticipated referendum on full law-making powers for the Welsh Assembly.

Their evidence is a leaflet being distributed in the Islwyn constituency, which claims that more powers will mean another 20 Assembly members in addition to the present 60.

Plaid Cymru have demanded that the local MP, Don Touhig and AM, Irene James, distance themselves from the effort, but so far there appears to be no movement in that direction from either of them.

Despite all this bluster by the nationalists they really cannot be that surprised about this development. It was inevitable that opponents of more powers would start to organise at some time. What is astonishing is that some Plaid Cymru activists seem to believe that the One Wales agreement allows them to dictate to their Labour allies how to conduct their internal affairs.
I can assure you will hardly see Irene James rushing to quash the rumours...

I will blog about this today
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