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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The most boring meme ever

This must be the time of year when meme's start to breed. People have time on their hands and an opportunity to make us all pay for it. Nevertheless I do not resent Alix Mortimer for tagging me on this particular one, even though it has to be the dullest ever.

The sheer quality of Alix's blog means that she has can be forgiven this once, however she should not do it too often, especially as I am considering nominating her in this more substantial competition which is also doing the rounds as a meme when I get around to doing it.

The challenge is to post a screen print of one's desktop. I have chosen my shiny new laptop as the subject of this challenge and am grateful to Alix for the technical instruction as to how to do it.

I would tag others but frankly I can't be bothered. Sorry, Alix.
Fair enough :-D
I'm unable to post my desktop - as I'm away from home I'm using someone elses computer for all my updates and what not.

Don't think my lady friend would greatly appreciate me posting a picture of her and her baby-bump either, come to think of it.

A Swansea Blog
Looks like you are using Windows Vista as your Operating System. Sorry to hear that; I too use it (or try to), and suffer for it.
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