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Monday, December 24, 2007

Favourite Christmas card

An appropriate place for this seasonal message:

Learn from Animals

Christmas time can be fraught with danger when let loose amongst
relatives, so here are a few tips you can pick up from your tabby...

If in doubt - wash.

When someone won't get up in the morning - jump on their bed.

If you don't like what you hear - don't listen.

See how many christmas decorations you can knock off the tree.

Toy with your presents - before you tear them open.

If you love your presents - purr.

If you don't like them - sulk.

When you get bored with a party, just curl up and go to sleep.

Insist on going out - then change your mind.

Act completely unimpressed with everything.

Be catty.

If anyone bothers you - hiss.

When someone has an allergy - sit on their lap.

Make sure everyone knows when you are hungry, but be choosy - they'll try
harder to please you.

To get attention - sharpen your claws on someone's leg.

Stay out all night and don't say where you've been.

from ampers@cix.co.uk
relayed by Frank Little
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