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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

End of the road for Nick Bourne?

One of the highlights of the Assembly elections was a stunt pulled by ITV Wales in which they took lifesize cardboard cut out photographs of each of the Assembly group leaders on the road and asked people to post messages and questions on them.

When we arrived at the Politician of the Year Awards last night these four cut outs were standing around the reception area. Although I had long left by then I am told that by the end of the evening there was an attempt to acquire the cut out of Nick Bourne.

Alas in the struggle to recover Nick Bourne's alter ego the head of the cut out was knocked off and is now hanging by a thread. No one is sure whether emergency surgery will be attempted. I am told that at least one AM has apologised to the Tory leader for his part in this little jape, just in case Nick took it personally.
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