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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eight for 2008

Jo Anglezarke has tagged me in the latest meme to say what my eight wishes are for 2008. I have been resisting thus far but have finally succumbed:

1. To see the Liberal Democrats sustain poll ratings at least in the mid-twenties throughout the year.
2. To retain control of Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend and Wrexham in May and make further advances both on those councils and elsewhere in Wales.
3. To see a Democrat become President of the United States (I really am not fussed which of the three front-runners it is).
4. For Swansea City FC to gain automatic promotion as Division One champions.
5. For Brian Paddick to become the first Liberal Democrat Mayor of London
6. For British troops to be pulled out of Iraq.
7. To see Wales win another Grand Slam.
8. To lose some weight.

If I was to have a ninth wish it would be to abolish memes altogether.
Todays news is all about the blues v the reds! No real mention of the Lib Dems - our team had better put the mince pies to one side and jump to it!
I'd like to see our elected members pay more attention to principles and the views of their constituents, rather than media opinion ratings. These have had a corrupting effect on our leadership elections.

I predict that Nick Clegg will, at some point in 2008, receive percentages in Guardian opinion polls as low as any other party leader. What will happen then?

The second dubious wish is to see a Democrat in the White House. This may be good for the American people, but not necessarily for the rest of the world. The Democrats have a history of protectionism and, because of their "black" constituency, are likely to side with the ANC over Mugabe and Darfur.

Frank Little
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