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Friday, December 21, 2007

Blog Awards

Ok I am going to have a go at this meme challenge from James Graham to promote the Campaign for Gender Balance blogging awards designed to celebrate and promote women bloggers, both inside and outside the Liberal Democrats. Please go there and nominate somebody.

My problem here is that my knowledge of Liberal Democrat and other blogs is actually quite restricted. As such I am not going to offer a particularly original insight. In looking at this exercise I have found some very good blogs by women that I should be reading regularly and certainly should be linking too. The problem is there is only so much time in any one day and I already spend far too much time on blogs for it to be healthy. So with that caveat, here goes:

THREE Blogs that should be nominated for in the Best Blog by a Woman Lib Dem category, and state why:

My first nomination is Alix Mortimer, witty, insightful, well-written, intelligent, her blog has rapidly become a must-read. Alix is my tip for next year's Liberal Democrat blogger of the year. Meral Ece is a candidate in next year's GLA elections. She writes regularly about issues in her community as well as wider political matters. Finally, I propose Linda Jack, for her passion, her well-argued posts and her basic liberalism, but please Linda change that design.

THREE blog posts that should be nominated for the Best Blog Post By a Woman Lib Dem:

This is far more difficult and I really do not know where to start. However, if I am forced to choose then I would nominate Alix Mortimer's 'Fighting for crystal clear communication since 1979', Meral Ece's 'Labour's plans to 'force' single mothers back to work', and Jo Anglezarke's 'Campaign for flexible internships'.

THREE Blogs that should be nominated for in the Best Blog by a Woman Non-Lib Dem category, and state why:

I am afraid that I am going to introduce a distinctly Welsh flavour here by nominating the excellent Miss Wagstaff, dedicated to holding the One Wales Government to account, the Plaid Cymru AM, Bethan Jenkins, and BBC Wales Political Editor, Betsan Powys.

THREE living women you would like to see blog, and state why. These can be women from any walk of life, not just Lib Dems (although that doesn’t mean they can’t be):

I am going to dodge this a bit. You either have the blogging bug or you don't. There are no doubt many interesting women out there whose views and opinions will add value to the blogosphere but if they are not doing it now then they are unlikely to start. I would be fascinated to read a daily diary from Hazel Blears, Jacqui Smith and Harriet Harman, but somehow I just know that they would make it as bland as possible so as not to upset the Labour spin doctors.

That is it. I hereby tag Duncan Borrowman, Rob Fenwick, Mark Valladares, Jonny Wright and Alex Wilcock to follow suit.
Thanks for your nominations Peter, duly noted.

Of course, anyone can nominate people for the awards, not just bloggers.
You missed the best Welsh Woman Blogger -Valleysmam, she is superb and knocks the others into a cocked hat.Much wider appeal and content.
Thanks Peter. There is a distinct lack of women bloggers in Wales from any political background and that is unfortunate. Perhaps some AM's or MP's will make it their New Year's resolution?

By the way, do we actually know if Miss Wagstaff is a woman? ...
No, I have made an assumption which no doubt I will come to regret. :-)
Not being horrible to Lynne - but isn't she already best blogger by an elected Lib Dem?

Still musing on this one when I have a silent moment during festive activities....
No the current holder of that title is Mary Reid.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Peter.

Bethan - that's a novel way to see off the competition. You should be content with being younger than I and involved in politics. Your personal views also don't stop your staff from flirting by poking me on Facebook ;)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Those nominations should get you some brownie points but isn't that the idea. Anyway as I just got sacked for blogging on Welsh issues just before Christmas, my employers the Equality and Human Rights Commission spend good money to get an IT expert to prove my 'identiy'...who am I to comment!!
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