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Thursday, December 06, 2007

BBC Wales' Politician of the Year Awards

At least one person is unhappy at the outcome of BBC Wales' AM PM Politician of the Year Awards.

I was shortlisted for Communicator of the Year, an award I won last year. This year the clear and deserved winner of that title was Adam Price MP. The full list of winners is here.
hang on ... Ieuan Wyn wins 'politician of the year' in the year that he ditches his chance to become first minister and instead chooses to play second fiddle to Labour, thereby letting his party share the blame for Labour's failings and get none of the credit in the event that the One Wales Govt (or the 'Labour-led Assembly Govt as my local AM insists on calling it) gets something right ... ?

Truly, politics is a strange game.
Some people are rather unhappy about the destination of the Communicator of the Year award, since part of that communication was the double-page advert that Mr Price took out in the South Wales Guardian etc. during the Assembly elections.
I voted for Plaid in the assembly elections last May and greatly regretted it when they went into coalition with Labour. Personally I feel it was a dangerously poor move made simply to acquire a small degree of power.

Still no sign of Lembit then?
Not sure quite how one measures Communicator of the Year, so can't argue that one.

Don Touhig, the most outspoken??!! He's only spoken out against devolution. Otherwise he's a loyal new Labour lamb.

At least Messrs Black and Lewis AMs (and some others) speak out on a variety of issues.
"Unhappy" is possibly rather a weak word for what I feel...

I don't suppose there'll ever be complete agreement on such things (looking at previous comments here on Ieuan Wyn Jones, whom I thought deserved his award) - but there are some things that just beggar belief .
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