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Friday, December 07, 2007

Another case of the wrong data in the wrong postbag

This sort of carelessness amongst Government departments is starting to become endemic. These are not victimless mistakes either. The sort of data that has been wrongly sent out to 1,215 drivers is precisely what is required to enable identity theft.

It may have been human error but the impression being given is that across all government departments there are systemic faults that need correcting urgently.
I think it is unfair to lump the DVLA in with other government departments. It's a vast department which manages admirably despite Government-pressure to increase efficiency while decreasing the staff complement. We had almost weekly overtime during the summer yet still a large number of people are being let go in March.

The DVLA post a huge number of letters on a daily basis and this error, regrettable though it may be, is the first of its kind for some time.

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