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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Today in the polls

politicalbetting asks the question are the Liberal Democrats on 21% or 23% in the latest Guardian ICM poll? No doubt somebody will be along in due course to offer a clarification. Still, it is a nice dilemma to be in after such a diffident few months. One is almost tempted to request an extension of the leadership contest and, by default, the continuation of Vince Cable's outstanding performance as our Acting Leader.

Labour, on the other hand must be wishing it were all over. As Tomos Livingstone points out in today's Western Mail, Gordon Brown, faced with headlines over Northern Rock, Qinetiq, the missing discs and military funding, and all fingers pointing at him as the man who presided over policies that directly led to these disasters, is on a very slippery slope.

And shouldn't the Tories be doing better? As the Guardian points out, they have failed to take advantage of Brown's most recent woes: Voters are yet to be convinced by David Cameron and that there remains a powerful anti-Tory majority among the electorate. Both major parties slumped in this week's poll, but the Tories extended their lead by one point as their support fell by one point less than Labour. The Tories are on 37% (down three points), and Labour on 31% (down four).

I know that it is only a poll but I feel so cheered that I may brave the cold and go and deliver some leaflets.
We know you like delivering leaflets really Peter :o)

This is great news for the LDs, and puts the sniping comments of those who wish the party ill for their own reasons into some sort of context.

Just imagine what could happen when there IS a leader in place!
Yes Vince Cable is doing well - so why on earth have you got Huhne and Clegg standing for the leadership instead of him? Their bitchiness has been catastrophic - I don't for an instant believe it's done anything other than turn people off the Lib Dems. Cable, meanwhile, has played a blinder (as I have posted here - shameless plug for my blog) and has looked really impressive against BRown on the issues of Northern Rock and the HMRC fiasco. He's the man you have to thank for this surge, methinks!

OK, so the last time an Acting Leader was confirmed in post it wasn't exactly a rousing success, but...
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