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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Politics and Post Offices

If anybody tries to tell you that the closure of Post Offices has nothing to do with the Government then just refer them to this article.

The Telegraph reports that the Government has suspended the consultation process in the three weeks leading up to local authority elections in England and Wales on May 2 next year.

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform insists that the suspension is simply part of routine pre-election preparations where government announcements are put on hold:

A spokesman said: "Due to the application of normal purdah procedures which apply during election periods, no public consultations will take place and no network change announcements will be made between April 7 and May 2 next year."

The spokesman added that the consultations would be brought forward in some areas, while in others they would be delayed until after May 2.

If that is the case then they have proved beyond doubt that each and every Post Office closure is being directed by Ministers and has nothing to do with the business needs of Post Office Counters.
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