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Thursday, November 15, 2007

More casualties

It seems that substance misusers are to be another casualty of the Labour-Plaid Government with news today that local health boards (LHBs) will cut the number of beds they provide for residential detox treatment in Wrexham to 13.

Cais, a charity, which runs Hafan Wen, a purpose-built centre treating people addicted to drugs and alcohol, has warned that people will die waiting to access drug and alcohol detox treatment. Although the LHBs say that this is part of a move to more community based treatment, Cais says that up until the end of August there were 120 people in North Wales who need this facility. They added that the long waiting list proved there was a need to provide more, and not fewer, beds for North Wales patients at Hafan Wen.

The Social Justice Minister will now be up before the Communities and Culture Committee on 28th November to answer questions on the budget. Perhaps he can give some idea of the future direction of the Welsh Government on this issue.
Only drug barons will welcome this decision.
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