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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A leader by any other name

Another interesting letter in yesterday's Western Mail from Tory Councillor Peter Davies of Newport, father of David Davies MP, contained the following gem:

For your correspondent’s information, Nicholas Bourne is not the leader of the Welsh Conservative Party, he is merely the leader of the group of twelve Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly, similar to the way those of us who are councillors elect one of our number to be the leader of our group in those bodies. I can further assure your correspondent that a number of Conservatives who voted in favour of the Assembly last time have now changed their minds and will be voting against whenever the referendum comes along.

I am not sure if Nick Bourne would agree with that assessment of his position.

The answer from our mate Glyn Davies is:

'patriot - I do not know what Peter Davies has said but Nick Bourne is the Leader of the Conservative Group in the National Assembly. The Leader of the Conservative Party in Wales is David Cameron - at least as far as I know.'

Talking about leaders, looks as though Kirsty has finally got her leadership bandwagon back on the road following the derailment after the Assembly Elections. Personally I am eternally grateful she had the guts to undermine the Rainbow as without her I am sure Mike and Jenny's Tory friends would be in power by now.

Hopefully she will give you a standard around which you can rally a party properly of the radical left which knows that the Tories are your ideological enemies and should never be contemplated as partners for government.

Peter Black for compaign manager maybe?
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