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Friday, November 16, 2007

Having your cake and eating it

Have Plaid Cymru set up an official opposition within government? I only ask because I have just heard Helen Mary Jones described on the Radio Wales phone-in as the Shadow Minister for Health and Social Services. Does Edwina Hart know? I think we should be told.
I am sure Jonathan Morgan would be equally surprised?

This political schizophrenia seems to be endemic within Plaid?

Are they in opposition or in power?
Are they supporting Labour or against them?
Do they want the RAF base in St Athan or to close it down?
Do they want to keep small schools open or shut them down?
Do they support Welsh business or not?

By the way, you have been tagged:

Indeed and next time I get up at 5am I may find time to attempt to fulfil your tag.
Well they do seem to be a little confused these days (What am I saying, they've always been confused).

They only went into this agreement for one reason - to get the referendum. When you sell your soul to the devil then there is always a high price to pay, and Plaid are starting to feel the strain.
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