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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fan mail

The Observer reports that Alistair Darling's cat, Sybil is receiving large volume of letters from other cats. Many apparently enclose photographs and put their paw-prints at the bottom.

Not to be outdone, Sybil, has had some lovely cards made with her picture on them, together with a paw-print, to send out as replies.

It is nice to see that one member of Gordon Brown's government is getting fan mail. Sybil even has her own Facebook page.
Nuts, absloutely completely barking - oh no that's dogs isn't it??
What so you say to the debacle on the politics show between your two leadership candidates -if u didnt see it the link is on my blog
I didnt see it as I was in Porthcawl taking part in a protest walk in the rain against an inappropriate development in the green wedge. Did it feature cats? I only ask because that is the subject of this thread. :-)

I have read the thread on Liberal Democrat Voice and it makes me pleased that I missed it. I have to say that I am disappointed at the way that Chris Huhne is fighting this campaign and I am not saying that because I am supporting Clegg. If anything it is the reason I am backing Clegg.
Link is on my blog Peter to the video
I think Hulme was beyond the pail
Leave Northern Irish politicians out of this. Oh, and there is no need to repeat yourself.

I have just watched it. I thought that Clegg came out of the whole thing very well. Under sustained attack from Chris Huhne he kept his cool and remembered his purpose, which is to speak to the electorate about his liberalism. This is exactly what we want in a leader, particularly during a general electoin when he may be under similar attack. Chris Huhne demonstrated his ability to take the fight to the opposition but he did not come across as very statesmanlike.
Is that your pussy in the picture, Peter?
It is a picture of Sybil, the Chancellor of the Exchequer's cat.
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