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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Winning the lottery

For the second successive time a Welsh Liberal Democrat has won the ballot to introduce a private members' measure in the Assembly. Mike German will be seeking to change the law on school closures. The first and only other ballot was won by Jenny Randerson. She is currently steering through a measure on healthy food.

There are rumours that a Welsh Liberal Democrats was a dead cert to win this second ballot. Surely it cannot be the case that only five AMs submitted a proposal for a measure and that they were all members of my group.
No, I put one in on homelessness. I think Plaid are due one from the ballot, personally!
Where did you get that multi-coloured tie, Peter?

I needed to put my sunglasses on to watch your contribution on class sizes, because of the tie's dazzle factor!
No Bethan, you put in for an LCO. I am referring to measures, the legislation where we already have the powers.

Alwyn, the tie is from the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and has their logo on it.
And this was hardly an ambush for the other parties either. Last Assembly Measure ballot 6 of the 8 submissions were from Lib Dems. I would have thought the other parties would have got their acts together by now. There may not be a huge amount added to Schedule 5, but there's enough for creative thinking across the party spectrum surely?! I'm sure some people will think "Use it or lose it"
Really Oughtn't a Plaid AM to know what sort of discussion or order she wasn trying to initiate?

Just a thought.
Peter, What the heck are you up to helping that Plaid Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins with procedural methods. If she is that ignorant of the Cardiff Assembly procedures she should ask her own fellow traitors or she should not be there - like the rest of her gang who permeate "Brad!"
I don't know, I thought it was quite illuminating that Peter had to help a well-remunerated politician out on procedures. Let's just all draw our own conclusions from that, shall we?
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