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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trekkies of the world unite...

Yesterday was the 100th day of the One Wales Government and as a consequence there was a two hour debate on their programme. This was very welcome especially as it was marked by some deft use of a computer by the former Plaid Cymru MP for Ceredigion, Simon Thomas, now employed as a Government Special Advisor.

Mr. Thomas produced a series of 'lines to take' for the Plaid Cymru Group in response to the raft of amendments tabled by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Unfortunately, he managed to send it to all of our support staff, a gaffe that was not lost on Kirsty Williams:

I welcome the fact that, after much nudging and prodding, the Leader of the House has seen fit to table today’s debate. Before I move to the amendments, I thank Plaid Cymru Members for the new spirit of openness that they have brought to Government in Wales. Sharing their lines to take on the Liberal Democrats with the Liberal Democrats is more than we could have expected, or even hoped for, in these new arrangements. Of course, it was the Liberal Democrats who gave that hapless individual the opportunity to become a special adviser, by relieving him of his Westminster duties. While we might not have been grateful at the time, it is nice to see him opening his heart and his inbox to us.

As lively as the debate was, it was Mick Bates who managed to produce the most obscure reference of the day:

Mick Bates: I welcome the debate, because there are similarities here with the documents that we have produced in the past, and I am sure that we all share the same ambitions. One hundred should be a significant milestone. Those of you who remember that great film, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will remember that 100 beings were sent out to explore the universe. Therefore, I thought that, today, I would explore the universe according to the 100 days of the newPlaid/Labour Government.

Actually, this analogy was a missed opportunity. Mick was of course referring to the TV series known as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in which a formidable space empire called the Dominion sent out 100 shape shifters to explore the universe. Did some of them end up in the One Wales government? We should be told.

Whatever the answer to that question, it is clear that tensions continue to exist between the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru. Merthyr Tydfil AM, Huw Lewis, brought those tensions to the surface in the chamber earlier in the afternoon:

Huw Lewis: The programme is, of course, inspirational. However, on the dualling of the Heads of the Valleys road, you will be aware that I have now on three occasions—in Plenary, in committee and through email—pressed the Deputy First Minister for an answer to my question of whether there will be any slippage in the timetable or disinvestment in the dualling of the A465 Heads of the Valleys road link. I am deeply concerned about the lack of response from the Deputy First Minister on this. Can you reassure the people of the Valleys that there will be no time slippage and no disinvestment?

I am surprised that the Deputy First Minister did not ask his Special Advsior to reply on his behalf. Maybe he did and the e-mail went astray.
certainly the nature of the Nationalist-Socialist administration in Wales seems to be prone to some sort of shifting -this week in the Penarth Times we could see Lorraine Barrett trumpeting a new zebra crossing as the sort of advance the 'Labour led' administration in the Bay could provide for the lucky tax-payers of the town. Sci-fi indeed!
My elderly friends in Mid West Wales said a few years ago (being rather old fashioned) to me, "Never trust an over forty year old wearing a earring!". They must have convinced a lot of people, because the people up there gave Simon Thomas the big 'heave ho' sack as their MP. "Good riddance", everyone said at the time. Unfortunately he has bounced back with a plum Plaid Cymru job in Cardiff Bay influencing Policy of the whole Wales Assembly Government. Wonder how Rhodri likes that?
Please Peter, can you publicly reproduce the message he sent out around wrongly to everyone. What an idiot the man is!
Surprised that in yesterday's debate on wind farms no one picked up the fact that WAG is 75% behind schedule on the renewable targets for 2010. Everyone in the renewable industry fell about laughing at Jane Davidson's promise to revise the targets upwards. What did she in her speech about 'action not words'. As one comedian once said 'It's the way they tell 'em!'
Even I am not such an idiot as to send the document to members of the yellow peril, unfortunately not all my colleagues are so careful with their email buttons...ah well.

Simon Thomas
Does this posting above mean that "Anonymous" is in fact Simon Thomas the idiot!
You are persistently unpleasant Green Man. I am surprised that you have any friends, whether elderly or otherwise. You fail to make political argument and your contributions appear to be negative only. I'm surprised that Peter agrees to publish any of your comments.
Does this mean no more postings for me? Oh well, let's move on. Before I go, how about reviewing page 14 of Saturday's Swansea "POST" 3-11-07 where the Editor of Wales' highest circulating newspaper makes telling home truths and cutting remarks about Leanne Wood AM - presumably a close ally of Ear Ring Man and Anonymous Man.
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