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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Talking to voters

I have no intention of making this blog a leadership-focussed one so this is the last post on the subject for now. However, I could not resist drawing attention to this post by my former researcher Francesca on what happened in Italy when the Italian Democrats chose their new leader.

They adopted the Tory idea of primaries but went much further than just collecting names, addresses and e-mail lists for future fundraising, they charged a minimum fee of one Euro to each participant. The result was that 3 and ½ million Italians turned out to vote for the new leader and some paid more than the minimum.

Seems like a good solution to party funding problems. The only drawback would be that parties might be tempted to hold leadership elections every two years so as to top up their coffers. Oh yes... scrub that one then.
Right, so we hand over election of the leader to Rupert Murdoch? Or to those with large amounts of money to pay to put their name forward to the people? Look what primaries do to the USA - they mean politics is only a game for the rich and right-wing.
Which is why I do not support them.
Come on Peter...make your blog a leadership focused one, just for now, lots of people would like to here you talk more about leaderhsip...and challenges.
> Right, so we hand over election of >the leader to Rupert Murdoch?
Why not? We've handed the dismissal process over to Daisy McAndrew.

- Frank Little
It appears that Leading the Lib Dems is as poisoned a chalice as the Welsh rubgy coach job. Maybe Sir Ming could return to his athletic roots and coach Wales and Gareth J could add some youthfulness to the LD leadership campaign. Shane Williams is another option - he's good at ducking and diving and comes out smiling from every hiding...
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