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Monday, October 15, 2007

Speech on the BNP

This was my speech moving the motion on multi-culturalism and the BNP at last weekend's Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference.
What a great advert for the BNP!

Can't wait for them to speak about the lib dems for 5 mins at their next conference -

Can't you, as someone who calls yourself a liberal, see that the only way to get rid of the BNP is to talk to them on an even platform?

Get them to tell us why they think they are right - and see how stupid they sound.

It is the censorship of parties like yourselves which is helping the BNP to grow!

The only thing not giving them a chance to speak does is to give them credibility - which is exactly what you did! Well done!
I am not in favour of censoring the BNP, nor do I suggest that they should be censored. I agree that the best way to expose them is to debate with them. I do not see how a video of me making a speech on multiculturalism and the BNP at a Liberal Democrat Conference in any way prevents them from speaking. The issue is to find an appropriate forum to have a debate if we are to have one and a party conference is not it.

I do hope this isn't a reosrt to the deperate tactic of smear. Surely a far more effective approach than the blanket "they tell lies and are opportunists" would be to provide evidence of what they are saying followed by reasoned critique, especially evidence to refute their claims. Anything other is flimsy and smacks of an attempt to censure.


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