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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Further to my post on Friday about Labour making automated telephone calls in the Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire constituency I note that similar activity elsewhere in the Country has been referred to the information commissioner by the Liberal Democrats.

The BBC report that under an EC directive unsolicited calls made solely to gather information are legal, but are banned if they are used to promote a product - or political party:

The Lib Dems argue that unsolicited "information gathering" calls in which parties ask people if they would mind being sent more information, do contravene the EC directive.

Asked about the Lib Dems' use of automated calls, spokesman Mark Pack told the BBC: "It's not something we do. Our view is that it's illegal."

He said the information commissioner should be more assertive against Labour: "It is clear that they are making automated phone calls to people where they have not had specific prior consent from those individuals.

"I think when they (the information commissioner's office) have pursued this issue before they have been far too willing to take at face value the answer given to them."

What the outcome of this referral will be has yet to be seen.
Plaid Cymru used “robo calls” during the Assembly election – with Dafydd Iwan being the voice on the other end asking you to input, using the number keys, which party you were going to support in the constituency vote and in the regional vote.
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