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Friday, October 05, 2007

Naming the day

If anything is going to make the Prime Minister pause this morning, it is the front page of the Guardian. They have a new opinion poll showing an eight point shift of views amongst the electorate that puts Labour and the Tories neck and neck on 38 per cent each. The Liberal Democrats are on 16 per cent.

It looks very much as if Gordon Brown has missed his chance, He should have called a snap election the day after the Labour Conference. Now, not only does he have uncertain public opinion to contend with but he also must factor in issues such as the end of British Summer Time and the possibility that a November poll will disenfranchise as many as one million people. The last thing Gordon needs is a highly motivated Tory core vote coming out to give him a bloody nose in a low turnout election.

As if to punish the Prime Minister's tardiness, there are also early signs that the economy is starting to turn against him. There are indications that house prices are starting to fall, not just here in Wales, but elsewhere as well. Although this is good news for first time buyers, it does hold out the possibility of another negative equity crisis and a big increase in homelessness applications. The Comprehensive Spending Review is rumoured to be very tight, whilst there continues to be talk in Government that the good times for public spending are coming to an end.

Nevertheless, Gordon Brown has allowed himself to be painted into a corner. He may have no choice but to go now. The alternative may well be to batten down the hatches for a full term and go in Autumn 2009 or even in 2010. My virtual bet still, is that a General Election will be called on Tuesday for 8 November.
Here is a 36 year memeber of labour who will not becoming out to vote for anyone, I have no one to vote for, Labour and the Tories should join as one, leaving a gap for perhaps the Lib Dems to step into, but Plaid has shown it's colours we want power no matter what. so I sit back and watch.

Disabled p*ssed off.
if peter will allow me to say this - why not consider voting for the greens? Respect to you if you allow this through peter.
I would have far more respect for you if you actually put your name to comments. The Green Party is virtually non-existent as a national or even a local political force. I would suggest that an examination of Liberal Democrat policies will indicate that not only have we stepped into the gap but that we also offer a very attractive non-socialist redistributive, green, left-of-centre alternative to Labour.
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