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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fighting elitism

If you are outraged by MPs demanding that all staff give way to them in the queue for coffee and a whole range of other services then you can now do something about it. There is a petition, which is only available in pdf format but I have put it on-line, and you can download it, sign it and return it to Lembit Öpik's office at the House of Commons here.

I agree that MPS should not jump queues, but before you jump into this issue - be aware that nearly every Comprensive School in Wales (and UK?)allows Teachers to jump the Canteen Queue in front of pupils - and that could be a few dozen teachers strolling up after pupils have waited for ages. I don't know what to say about this - Teachers get few perks and Canteen Queue Jumping is one, but is it a good example? Over to the rest of you.
Making an issue out of queue jumping in the Commons really sums up what is wrong with UK politics at the moment. Whilst Opik Is making a fuss about nothing a former UK minister has just set up a company with his wife and been paid £115,000 by an overseas company involved in the nuclear industry. I would have thought that questioning this was a little more important than worrying that MPs might get their coffee before the plebs.
How about a petition protesting MPs briefing anonymously against the party leadership?

And ours is not the only party to be affected ...
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