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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am already being asked who I will support in the contest for Liberal Democrat leader. So who are the candidates?

Seriously, though any candidate would do well to avoid asking me. So far I have supported John Pardoe (lost to David Steel), Alan Beith (lost to Paddy Ashdown) and Simon Hughes twice (lost to Charles Kennedy and Ming Campbell). Not a good record I admit.

Update: I spoke to Nick Clegg this morning and explained my record on supporting party leadership candidates. There was a clear hesitation before he asked me for my support.
Not a good record I admit

What, supporting Simon 'the straight choice' Hughes twice? Agreed.
You supporting a leader! thats a bit rich Peter! I joke dont worry! Although I would suggest you wait and see who lembit goes for and then back the opposite! Knowing Lembit he'll be backing a cheeky girl joint bid!
Better record than some Peter!
Join the club I have never backed or even voted for a winner - I have always refused to even give them a number on my ballot paper - God help my choice this time he is probably doomed
Backing defeated candidates (and not hiding the fact afterwards) isn't anything to feel ashamed of. I'm always more suspicious of those who either always support, or claim after the event to have supported, the winner. Of course, some people - ie Lembit - take it all a bit too far!
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