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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's the difference

Yesterday's Guardian carried a fascinating piece about scientific research which sought to find a link between political beliefs and brain patterns.

The paper tells us that Scientists have found that the brains of people calling themselves liberals are more able to handle conflicting and unexpected information than the brains of their conservative counterparts. The study points to a likely neurological basis for complex personality and behavioural traits. You don't say.

David Amodio, of New York University, writing in the journal Nature Neuroscience, says conservatives were found to be "more structured and persistent in their judgments"; in tests they had "higher average scores" on measures of the personal need for "order, structure and closure". Liberals showed "higher tolerance of ambiguity and complexity".

It is amazing what you can find out by pressing a few buttons.
If you're female as well is that effect automatically doubled? After all our capacity to handle the complex and conflicting information that men throw at us is well known.....

That would suggest that women should be more liberal than men. I'm sure I've seen reference to studies which indicate women are statistically more conservative.

From my own personal experience.... I know better than to judge ;)
Those who know me will know there is nothing conservative about me, statistically or otherwise.
...glad to see that you read my blog! ;)
I think we should be more concerned with the committee, headed up by Phil Willis,that has successfully pushed for the creation of human-animal hybrid stem cells.
The term "conservative" embraces "New Labour" in this context.
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