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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top 100 Liberal Democrat blogs

I am gratified to note today that I have retained my fifth place in Iain Dale's latest list of the top 100 Liberal Democrat blogs. This follows on from my fourth place in Iain's list of the top 20 Welsh blogs. Given the very high quality of those I am in competition with for this accolade I am very flattered indeed by these placings.
And well deserved, if I might say so. Your's is the first Welsh site that I visit every day. I hope you are going to keep us posted on how the leadership battle is going in Cardiff Bay - and that you use your blog to announce that you are going to be a candidate yourself.
Is anyone else shocked that there are 100 different Liberal Democrat blogs?
No, we are a very wired in and switched on party with lots of opinions. In fact there are more than 100.
It would be a shock if there weren't 100 LD blogs.

That said, the right does seem to have made best use of web media so far - pity for them that most of what's shown there is so unpalatable. Really, some of the Tory blogs are quite scary places. If there's anyone left who's still wondering about the Tories providing a new home for liberals, they just need to take a look to see who they'd be working with. Eek
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