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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Trivia

Wales on Sunday tells us that fire chiefs have defended a decision to send three crews and a rescue boat to save a duck trapped in a drain. The duck's owner dialled 999 when the bird was unable to escape from a drainage tunnel it had been washed into during flooding in Earlswood Lakes, near Solihull.

One place that ducks may well be able to find a home is the giant eco-City being mooted by the Tories, to be built on reclaimed land along the Thames estuary between Docklands and the Medway towns so as to alleviate overcrowding in London. John Redwood wants to see more than a quarter of a million homes built on the mudflats there.

This area is of course part of the river's floodplain and although Redwood advocates upgrading the Thames' barrier it is likely that the new 'City' could be prone to flooding, not to mention the cumulative impact further upstream. Has he learnt nothing from this summer's floods?

Finally, the Observer carries a cautionary tale on its front page about the appalling spelling of undergraduates in Imperial College London, Oxford University and presumably every other Higher Education Institution in the UK. Rather amusingly, the newspaper headlines the article: 'Undergraduates let down by week spelling and, punctuation'. Do you think that it was a deliberate mistake?
It must be OK to build on a Flood Plain or land threatened by rising sea levels as the so called National Assembly for Cardiff built their expensive new Cardiff HQ just a couple of metres above sea level in Cardiff Bay. John Redwood is very familiar with Cardiff based politics as EX Welsh Secretary - probably did a more dedicated job there than Peter Hain does now. So it begs the question:- Is this all hysteria and hype about Global Climate Change deluging the planet and us suckers in Wales having to have an Energy Corridor with crap Power Stations / Wind Turbines all along our recovering EX mining South Wales area?
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