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Monday, August 13, 2007

Same old story

I note that Wales Labour are up to their old tricks already, and the new coalition ministers have not even answered their first set of questions yet.

A press release issued today by Finance Minister Andrew Davies, makes the claim that extra support is on its way for disabled children and their families thanks to Welsh Labour. Apparently, the "Labour led Assembly Government is delivering on its promise to provide more help to the most vulnerable people in our local community".

No mention of any part played in this largesse by Plaid Cymru. In fact Social Services Minister, Gwenda Thomas, is loath to give any credit whatsoever to her party's new partners. She is quoted as saying "Welsh Labour is committed to providing more care and support to disabled children and their families."

Labour have form on this of course. During the Labour- Welsh Liberal Democrat Coalition they often took to describing the government as Labour-led and took credit for policies put into the partnership agreement by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. I hope that Plaid Cymru are braced for a rough ride.
Same story in Swansea Council PLC Coalition - Plaid Labour Conservative are together but Labour is in the driving seat.
Well spotted - but Plaid have also been at it.

The Eisteddfod edition of Tafod y Ddraig (Cymdeithas yr Iaith magazine) lists Plaid Cymru election pledges that are now being delivered by "Llywodraeth Plaid Cymru" (Plaid Cymru Government)
surely the question is why any of us are surprised at this?

both the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru still don't get it, sucking up to Labour gets you nowhere, they are still and probably always will be in control of Wales because no one is challenging in any meaninglful way.
Sorry Green Man, but has there been a vote of no confidence in Holley & co that i've missed? Is David Phillips now Leader?
No, thought not.
As I live outside Swansea, but only get Swansea news occassionally from my cousin there, can "Welsh Spin" tell me - "WHO IS DAVID PHILLIPS?"
Must be someone insignificant as my cousin never mentions him. Anyway, Mr Spinner you clearly do NOT deny that the Swansea Coalition Group PLC or Plaid & Labour & Conservatives cosy group do not exist! PLC must be formally true! My cousin says they are a close formal Opposition to the Lib Dems / Independents. Is that correct with Labour in the driving seat the Conservatives in the back seat in children's seats and Plaid Cymru stuffed in the luggage boot best not seen nor heard?
Green Man,

No idea who your cousin is, but David Phillips is leader of the opposition on Swansea Council. He is the leader of the largest political group on the council, and as I understand it his aim is nothiung short of taking Labour back into outright control next May. In the meantime if providing a robust opposition means working with other parties, what's wrong with that? If Chris Holley's administration cannot secure a majority for their policies or appointments, that is a symbol what a disunited shower they are!

A bit like the Assembly pre-May when the Tories and Liberals allowed themselves to be led by the nose by Plaid Cymru in opposing a minority Labour administration - only to be dumped on by Plaid as soon as it suited them!
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