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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nostalgia is not what it used to be

Today's Guardian reports that the interweb has struck again, persuading Cadbury's to re-introduce the Wispa bar.

They tell us that thousands of websites, blogs and internet discussion threads have persuaded Cadbury that Wispas can rediscover a market which seemed to have moved on.

"The change of heart, backed by consumer research into younger, non-nostalgic tastes, follows a gentle lament for the chocolate which online networking has turned into an international campaign. There are 93 Bring Back Wispa groups on Facebook with approaching 14,000 members and the rival directories MySpace and Bebo are catching up."

The downside is that this might encourage further attempts to revive much-missed tastes of the past, particularly sweets. Apparently, Spangles enthusiasts are among those considering a revival of campaigns which, pre-internet, never got far beyond nostalgic sighs amongst friends.

The Wispa bar has of course benefited from the current obsession with the decade that taste forgot, the 1980s. This includes misguided hankering after such TV triumphs as Dallas and Dynasty, as well as leg warmers and neon clothes. Still, who are we to talk? At least they didn't have Big Brother in those days.

Wispa were very nice. As for Spangles, they were the ones you left until the very last thing when you had selection packs at Christmas, and only ate when there was nothing else.
Am I right in thinking that Veronica Watkins invented the Wispa bar? Maybe her other passions could come back into fashion...even the Lib Dems!
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