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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fat cats

The Western Mail reports that Rhodri Morgan is back at work, feeling ten years younger and fitter then ever. He has lost a stone in weight and up to four inches from his waist since undergoing an emergency procedure a month ago. I really am going to have to ask him for a copy of his diet.

Meanwhile, concern grows about another group of fat cats who, The Guardian says, are in danger of developing diabetes. They report a warning from veterinarians that Britain's vast population of lethargic and over-fed cats are in danger of developing the disease as soaring rates of feline obesity take their toll on the animals' health:

Lead scientist Danielle Gunn-Moore, a professor of feline medicine at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies at Edinburgh University, said the high level of obesity and diabetes was being driven by dramatic changes in cats' lifestyles, with the pets getting less exercise but more food than in recent decades.

"Cats used to roam free outside, but now many owners keep them indoors and instead of playing with them to keep them active, they just give them food whenever they miaow," said Prof Gunn-Moore.

Personally, I do not want to get into the situation where I have to administer a twice daily injection to my cat, it is hard enough getting her to swallow a worming tablet. The £100 a month cost is also a factor. Professor Gunn-Moore recommends a strict dieting and exercise regime, but have you ever tried to get a cat to take exercise?

I give daily thanks that we still have a healthy 17 year old cat, who we indulge with treats but try to avoid overfeeding and who gets to go outside on a regular basis. The problem is that when she is out there she is either sleeping in the grass or begging food off neighbours. I suppose that metabolism plays a big part in this as well.
My cat gets plenty of exercise by hunting the dog. She also seems to lose weight in the summer when she spends most of the day out on the roof terrace in the hope of getting sun tanned I presume :)
That's a ferral argument!
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