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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Everybody is a critic

The BBC tell us that Dafydd Wigley is to use a speech at the National Eisteddfod to criticise the his own party for signing up to a coalition with Labour.

The former Plaid leader will argue that the One Wales document was compiled too quickly, that almost half the policies in the document will need more funding, which has not been secured and that there is little chance of winning a referendum on the assembly gaining law-making powers.

Mr. Wigley is also concerned at the opposition of most Labour MPs to the agreement and the impact this will have on any referendum campaign. He believes that it will put back the campaign to convert the assembly into a full law-making body by a generation:

Mr Wigley will also argue that of 217 specific policies set out in the document, 102 of them will need additional resources for which funding has not been secured.

The deal should not have been struck without this money, he will say, and if the coalition document is to be delivered, it will necessitate cutbacks in other areas, he will add.

However, Mr Wigley will argue that the One Wales document will deliver and that he will be challenging his party to work as an effective partner in government.

Glad to see that he ends up looking on the bright side after all that. Perhaps he can use his next speech to explain how the Labour-Plaid Government will overcome all the obstacles he has identified so as to justify that conclusion.
Let's hope that the Lib Dems don't jump on his criticism of the document as in reality i don't think the rainbow deal had any more deliverability than the One Wales did it.
Perhaps they may keep quiet on the criticism, still content to sit on the sideline bleating the mantra of the moment 'that was our idea'!!!
What we will do is the job of any good opposition - we will scrutinise the proposals, examine the delivery of them and propose constructive alternatives. If that means looking into the validity of Wigley's criticisms then so be it.
Many of those within the Welsh Liberal Democrats who were opposed to the triple alliance raised similar concerns. Some of the proposals did not appear to have been costes fully and there were doubts expressed as to how they could be made a reality.

As many of the same ideas made their way into the One Wales document then it is to be expected that the same criticisms exist.
I've just posted on this myself Peter. In reality, this is a spectacularly serious attack on the Plaid/Labour deal by a serious player.
I wonder if it has anything to do with not being asked to be a Special Adviser? Or not being consulted on the negotiations?
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