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Monday, August 06, 2007

Claim and counter claim

Iain Dale gets his knickers in a twist in a quite spectacular manner here, ably assisted by half a dozen Welsh Tories and some unbearably smug Wales Labour activists. I haven't enjoyed one of Iain's posts so much for ages.
glad to oblige, but I can assure you my knickers are completely untwisted. I thought the whole episode was hilarious.
Very amusing. But did yoy see that awful comment by New Welsh Right? It honestly beats me how one so young can be so full of bile.
What beats me is why Nick Bourne helped give the defection story legs by so rubbishing Anstee's role. Surely his response, if any, should simply have been a patrician "David who? No, never heard of him guv." As it is Bourne is now having to deny that his welsh policy forums have the remotest impact on his Assembly policy platform - very likely true, but hardly calculated to go down brilliantly with those members dull enough to have believed that Melding and Bourne gave a monkeys about their ideas.

All in all this overeaction shows an uncharacteristic over-sensitivity and lack of judgement by Nick. Had his office not bit, then the likelihood is that the story should have sunk without trace - given that the Welsh media are all in Mold and that this was obviously a classic Leighton Andrews overspun stunt.
Moreover, David Boothroyd's comment on Tory Diary is quite right, referral to the Standards Commissioner is utter nonsense.

Nick Bourne must have got out of bed on the wrong side yesterday.
Good points Welsh spin. it is quite clear that this is a nobody defecting to Labour yet the very fact that so many tories have bitten has made it big news. You have to give credit to Leighton Andrews....he's stichted Nick Bourne up a treat here.
Gwe: I shouldn't worry for New WElsh Right, he'll probably be following the rest of hid former Tory pals into the Labour Party soon!
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