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Friday, August 10, 2007

The answer is four

This week's Golwg has a minor exclusive in its gossip column as the writer speculates as to why I visited the Eisteddfod on the first day. Nice to see that I am being noticed.

Under the heading 'Black days for German?', we are told that it 'was quite a surprise to see Peter Black come all the way to Mold for the Eisteddfod and on the first day at that. Peter Black is not well known for his support of the Welsh language so why come all this way? Could it possibly be that he was gathering support for a challenge to Mike German as leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Group?' This is an excellent example of a silly season filler in which the journalist adds together two and two and gets five.

I think it is worth pointing out that not only have I been a strong supporter of the Welsh language since my University days but that in addition to Social Justice and Housing, I am also currently the Welsh Liberal Democrats spokesperson for culture, the Welsh language and sport. I will shortly be passing that mantle on in a mini shuffle. I also try to go to each National Eisteddfod at least once if I am not on holiday at the time.

Of course there is bound to be lots of Welsh Liberal Democrats at a National Eisteddfod but it is not the obvious place to launch a leadership campaign even if that was my intention, which it was not. The truth is that I went up to the Wirral for the weekend to see my mother. It seemed perfectly natural to then spend the Saturday in Mold with her looking around the Eisteddfod, especially as on my next visit I would be too busy to take in all the sights.

Still, if we didn't have such speculation how would journalists fill all those column inches during August.
Presumably your visit to " asmall hotel off the A49" (re rabbits post) was to mount a hostile takeover for the hotel chain? And should you happen to be in London at any time in August you're making a bid for your party's nomination for Mayor? Honestly!
Beth yw "Golwg"?
Golwg is a weekly Welsh Language magazine
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