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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yes, Mr. President!

I went to see the Simpsons' movie last night. It was remarkably good fun. One line in it sounded familiar for some reason. It was almost identical to something I had been told by a newly appointed Welsh Assembly Minister.

I bumped into the Minister in question at a presentation on an issue that affects both my region and his constituency. I congratulated him on his appointment and asked whether he had become bogged down in briefing papers yet. He told me that he had not. In fact he said that he avoids reading large documents whenever possible, expecting his civil servants to summarise the salient points for him and to draw attention to anything controversial or difficult.

Compare this with the President Schwarzenegger character in the Simpson's movie. When presented with a series of large dossiers he hands them back to his advisor, telling him: "I was elected to lead, not read."

Uncanny, huh? I will get my coat.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I guess u didn't see the movie about Schwarzenegger's life. He does read a LOT! If memory serves, in one of the final scenes Schwarzenegger is depicted in bed keeping his wife awake as he reads legal stuff on seeking an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to allow a naturalized U.S. citizen to be elected as the President of the United States of America.
It is not my parade you are raining on. I was merely reporting on the satire in the Simpsons' movie and comparing it to an incident in Wales.
Actually my comment "... rain on your parade" was a satire based on the rain that has been raining of late on just about every parade in Wales!
What kind of coat does Peter have? Anyone?
I have a very charismatic waterproof, ideal for the summer!
If only Peter would unbutton his coat a little, then his ugly garish ties would brighten up a whole gloomy neighbourhood like the Mayals in Swansea. Can anybody tell us why people refer to Mayals as "Gloomy" since year 2003?
A little childish Green Man?!? I sense that the Mayals will not be any less "gloomy" if you were to live there. If you're going to get "personal" then at least do so as yourself, not as the king of sweetcorn... "Green Giant".
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