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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tories bite the bullet

The BBC report that the Conservative Party has said it will withdraw the whip from Conrad Black after he was convicted of fraud and obstructing the course of justice. I should think so too.

David Heath MP is absolutely right in arguing that Conrad Black should be stripped of his peerage:

He said: "Members of the House of Commons are automatically disqualified on conviction and there is no reason why the same rules should not apply to members of the Upper House.

"It is essential that a change in the law to that effect is included in the government's constitutional reform bill."

The fact that the peerage meant so much to the former newspaper baron just reinforces that view.

They should strip Tory Boy Swansea of the Tory whip in Swansea West for parking his car continouosly on the pavement at Gower Road, Sketty, Swansea. He is endangering the lives of innocent pedestrians - a worse crime than any Lord's Fraud!
Let him keep his peerage. Most of the hereditary peers at least are descendents of minor theives and robbers anyway
Hey Peter what's more interesting is why you are (still) using Richard Hazlewood, and Brian Walters, (just look to the right hand side of the blog) to give status and/or authentication to your blog-site.

Isn't this the same Richard Hazlewood who is PR-Spinner for your party's rivals: the Welsh Tory Party?

And isn't that the same Brian Walters who is running the office of Trish Law .... you know the one who is an Independent AM and wouldn't touch the idea of praising the Lib-Dems with a barge-pole (otherwise they would string her up in Blaenau Gwent!)

Or is this really a very clever tactic on your part ... ie: "if my opponents PR people are praising me, then that must be praise indeed?"
There is no motive. I have just carried them over from my last website. I don't care what they are doing now, I get on well with both of them. The section is not even an attempt at authentication or status, I just think it is funny.
Top marks to you ... for having the balls to post my comments.

There must be something in what they previously said about you.

Now to business - political success requires political expediency.

We all know Mike German is second rate, but he was a steady second rate.

None of us will ever know whether it was you over-reaching yourself or the pretty-little-elf-from-mid-Wales's over-wheening charms and winning ways which blew the alternative to this present (slow, bleeding-across-the-carpet-coalescence that we've ended up with) but your (part in the) timing was quite wrong.

You weren't ready, and she was a decade off.

The best we can do when we look in to the ashes of our mistakes is learn from them.

The next year is going to provide lessons in endurance which will be worth its weight in gold to you and the pretty-misguided-maiden-from-mid-Wales.

Life is complicated, Peter, I, genuinely wish you well, as you learn from those mistakes.
At least Peter Black publishes critical comments about himself. Try and get a critical comment on Queen Bethan Jenkins' blog spot. She performs censorship. Anyway nobody seems to read her blog as she does not have many supportive comments either. Well done Peter for taking criticisms and publishing them.
I agree Green Man,

It would have been tempting but i-liberal to censor out such comments.

Well done Peter Black.

But as to the comments of Messrs Hazlewood and Walters being
"funny" ...... come on, really, you don't believe that.

We've all seen your ties on the telly, now they're funny

.... but not those comments,
I think I said that the section as a whole was funny, and the Walters and Hazlewood comments form a part of it.
.... And so you did.

I sit corrected.

There is a sort of balance between praise and condemnation.

You know I'm warming towards you.

But what about those b.....y awful ties you wear on telly?
It is not just on TV that I wear them and they are bloody expensive ties. Still you wouldn't want all your politicians to be dull and boring would you?
I think Peter's ties are hideous, but he must have one small fault! Peter Black and Edwina Hart are the most honest and hard working Assembly Members in Wales that I know of, but sadly Mrs Hart belongs to the wrong party for me.
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