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Friday, July 27, 2007

A small oasis of dryness

I have meetings and surgeries all day so very little time to blog. However, I thought that it was worth mentioning one extraordinary escape from recent flooding in the Midlands.

My attention has been drawn to this letter in the Daily Telegraph:

Sir - Why is Ambridge not affected by flooding? Surely the River Am must have burst its banks by now, or has Borsetshire moved to another part of the country? How can they be harvesting at Home Farm in torrential rain?

Karin Proudfoot, Longfield, Kent

What is Ambridge's secret? Surely one of the Archer family should come along and tell us.
So you report on that letter published in the Telegraph but say nothing about the piece in the same newspaper about three Lib-Dem councillors who found the "party" too much, "We believe that our integrity and principles will be compromised if we stay (in the Lib-Dem Party)."
I dont read the Telegraph, it is a Tory rag. As such I did not see the piece. However, your description of it is hardly accurate.

The three Town Councillors (not Principal Councillors) have quit the party because of a personal disagreement with a fellow Liberal Democrat Town Councillor who works as a stripper.

I would not call that a matter of principle that impacts on the raison d'etre of the Liberal Democrats as a party as you imply. Rather it seems to me to be a storm in a teacup and not a very liberal action to take.
Well Peter, it was you who reported on a letter published in that "Tory rag".

Also Peter, perhaps you missed the quotation marks, the three former Lib-Dem councillors released a statement, "We believe that our integrity and principles will be compromised if we stay (in the Lib-Dem Party)." So the three ex-Lib-Dem Councillors did feel it was a matter of principle. Typical that you think it’s a storm in a tea-cup when three Lib-Dem councillors quit on a matter of "integrity and principles" ... these three former Lib Dem councillors even said that they would be compromised if they stayed in the Lib-Dem party. They explicitly stated that they left the Lib-Dem party on principle.
Peter provided the link. The article about the three quitting Lib-Dem councillors was on the same page that you directed us to look at. Then you complain that you don't like the "Tory rag" yet you directed us to it.
For goodness sake give it a rest. You lot really are scraping the bottom of the barrel if you think that this is the start of some mass exodus out of the Liberal Democrats.

The page I linked too was the letters and despite looking at it again I can find no reference on it to this episode. In any case my interest was entirely the letter about the Archers and I had no intention of reading any more of the rag than I needed to.

I think we are talking about different principles here as well. The implication in the original comment and in the comment by anon 8.58pm was that the three town Councillors had a major political beef with the Liberal Democrats. It turns out that the integrity and principle they are so concerned with is related to their moral well-being.

I think we are big enough as a party to weather these three resignations with some stoicism.
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