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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Single Minded

Just in case anybody should be in doubt as to the focus of South Wales West Conservative AM, Alun Hugh Cairns over the next two years, he has just invited me to join a Facebook group entitled, 'Elect Alun Cairns as MP for the Vale of Glamorgan'. I have declined.

No doubt Alun will avoid commiting any of his Assembly resources to this campaign, and will be as active within the South Wales West Region as he has always been.

Update: Martin Eaglestone records some understandable reactions to the news of Alun Cairns' selection. Val Lloyd is particularly scathing:

Alun Cairns' move shows a blatant disrespect to the people in the south west of Wales. It is less than three months after the election and he is already looking about for his next opportunity. It's a disgrace. How can Alun Cairns properly represent the concerns of people in the south west of Wales when he is campaigning for election in a completely different region? Just like his leader David Cameron, he is cutting and running from his constituency at the first opportunity. I call on Carpet Bagger Cairns to resign his seat in the Assembly at once so that people in the south west of Wales get the full-time representation they deserve."

I'm disturbed by your blog not least because having been a school friend of Alun's at a very young age I now discover that we have the same names!??! I'm an Alun Huw too, though at least my "Huw" is spelt correctly - the Welsh way!

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