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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shambo, the sequel

Radio Wales is currently providing near-live coverage of scenes at Skanda Vale as a group of reporters and peaceful protesters await the arrival of Welsh Assembly Inspectors to take away Shambo the bullock for slaughter. They were due at 8am but have still not turned up.

Nobody knows what will happen. I suspect that there will be some sort of sit-down protest and that inspectors may have to force locks so as to get Shambo out, but apart from that nobody is really expecting trouble. No doubt there will be a large contingent of police officers offering support.

Perhaps they should be covering it live on television as well so we can all see for ourselves. Is it the silly season already?

Update 8.50am: The Government officials have arrived but have been turned away as they do not have the correct paperwork. Good grief! What is worse is that I am apparently live-blogging this entire saga. How sad is that? I am now going to desist and get on with my day.
Sad indeed. I'm off to read the blog by that nice Matt Withers. You don't catch him writing about such drivel.
Check out Google using four key words "Gordon Rees Kensington Hospital". I'm going out for a Steak and Beef dinner now.
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